Nukilan Bidadari
Life is good
Saturday, 28 May 2016 • 01:41 • 0 comments

Whether the tasks you’ve been give is hard, you managed to complete it successfully. Life is actually good. Even when you’re in pain, life is still good. Please know that it is okay to cry. It is normal to feel pain. It is okay to feel despair. What’s bad and not good is when you let it harms yourself. Being hurt is not the platform to destroy your life. There’s too much things that you can do. Too much things that you can treasure. I know sometimes wound left scars but then, you have to face the fact that us, the human being is fragile. We will cry whenever we feel sad. And please do not forget that we will smile, we will laugh whenever we feel happy. Do not waste your time with being stupid. Life is not about being in despair. Life isn’t about chasing the happiness. But, life is about to live your life normally. Life is about to learn to control the sadness. Life is about learning or practicing on how to keep the happiness forever. Life isn’t about chasing people that don’t want to be chased. You don’t have to chase. You just have to be yourself. You have to put some trust in yourself and go get through it. Be strong, be yourself. Be sad, be happy, if you want to be wild, then be wild. As long as you know that life is good, appreciate your life by doing things you loves. Trust me, you don’t want to be dead. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015 • 02:54 • 0 comments

if you do love her, can you just stop be a manipulative maniac? She is your girlfriend, the special one. So please.......... stop telling her that she is special but you never treated her like one. she is your girlfriend. Not your puppet. you can't treat her like a princess only when you're bored or literally have nothing to do. where's your effort you always shows her when you was trying so hard to get her and her attention? why did you stop showing her your efforts? she is a human and obviously, she's in love with you. it doesn't meant that she loves you and you can do anything to her. please.......... if you don't want to show efforts, show her some concern about her feelings. stop puppet-ing her...

Thursday, 6 August 2015 • 00:07 • 0 comments

So, i decided to delete all of my entries. and, i already deleted those entries. Its not like i don't want to cherish those memories or just let it all go away, but its just about living in a new life with a new people and a new me. lets just say that all those shits were actually something and currently nothing. lets the memories live in its own world and let me live my life in this world. 

its okay to curse ,its okay to be yourself.

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